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Harmony Crystal Candle"Harmony" Ritual Soy Candle for Intention and Yoga.

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"Harmony" Ritual Soy Candle for Intention and Yoga.

Harmony - infused with raw crystal quartz.  This Crystal candle features lemongrass and sage scent and topped with Raw Crystal Quartz, dried calendula petals, dried thyme, and the perfect mix of bright and balancing lemongrass and earthy cleansing sage.

These candles have a burn time of approximately 20-50 hours.

Our Candles are Hand-Mixed and Hand-Poured. Our candles make perfect gifts. We believe our custom blend of wax gives candle lovers the best possible experience. Paraffin gives an excellent, room-filling fragrance throw and has a smooth and creamy look, while the soy is clean-burning and allows your candle to burn more slowly so you can enjoy it longer.